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"This is Popp in full control, deftly bending the machines to his will, and the result is some of the best and most masterfully produced electronic music of the year." - Spectrumculture / “Popp”
"The focus Popp displays across the record is impressive, and (...) the best argument yet for its creator’s continued relevance, not just as a legend, but a creative force in electronic music for the next decade." - Pitchfork / "Popp"
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Outrageously magnificent music." - Musikexpress / “Popp”
"Over two decades later, it still sounds like nothing else. Except, perhaps, other Oval records." - WIRE / "94diskont."
"Popp is a manic, maximalist affair with no holds barred and no opportunity missed for explosive extravagance. (...) This is glitch for a post-material world, a data rush direct to your cerebral cortex."  - WIRE / "Popp"
"Very, very good shit." - Porcys / "Popp"
“Oval's most startling reinvention yet. It is an exciting transformation, and undoubtedly the most engaging work Markus Popp has produced since returning from his hiatus." - ALLMUSIC / “Popp"
“Markus Popp’s audio excursions remain exciting. In an age of dark and angry thoughts in the realm of advanced pop, he invites you to a rave for the mind, heart and soul.” - Deutschlandradio Kultur / “Popp”
"A beautifully maddening, mercurial experience crammed full of elusive hooks and blessed with a sense of depth perception that reveals the mechanics of  “popp” music at its most complex and stunningly inexplicable." - Boomkat / “Popp”
““Popp” reinvents the entire IDM concept. Just listen to the first track, that little masterpiece named “ai”, which simply must stand for “artificial Intelligence” - what else could it mean?” - SENTIREASCOLTARE / “Popp”
"Oval is still so ahead of his adepts: Markus Popp's music is never asking for cheap applause via clever or crass spectacle. Each track on "Popp" unfolds organically, opening the entrance to paradise only briefly and closing it again after a few minutes. Club music, after all." - HHV Mag / “Popp”
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