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OK, so what's basically happening in a typical 4-week online course?

Anything you want, really. It can be a total makeover of your tech setup, tools, live set, theme agenda, persona, image, messaging or social media approach. We can finish your next album or prototype a completely new musical project. Also, musical soul-searching. A lot can get done in just four weeks. 

What's the story behind season three?

Since I started my online courses, I've had more than 70 artists taking my group seminars & 1-1 mentoring. Every course was a real deep dive, pushing my range on so many levels...hugely inspiring. And now I have worked this massive influx of data into the next iteration of my courses. 


And what does this mean content-wise?

Season three offers a brand new YouTube segment (persona, content agenda, formats) & an extensive chapter on how to identify, unlock and min-max your creative many updates to all content sections, interviews, evaluation docs, the character creator, wild cards, a whole new range of musical tasks etc.

Why is there no precise content outline for this course?

I think that a “one size fits all”-initiative can’t be my answer to the countless challenges a musical content creator can be facing today. Instead, this course is thoroughly designed to get to the bottom of YOUR project / proposition.


How do these interviews work exactly?

The interviews are basically a number of questions that I put in a shared Google Doc which you will answer during the week leading up to our weekly Skype, so you won't be interrogated live, which means more time for you to come up with vastly superior answers.

So what IS the Skype part then?

What happens over Skype (or Zoom, if you prefer that) is the analysis / discussion of the interviews, discussing all sorts of additional aspects, your progress with the musical challenges etc. In these conferences, we might not only talk about abstract topics, but will listen to tracks, screen-share our Ableton Live sets, optimize your workflow in detail etc.

What about those challenges?

This could be a musical assignment designed to lead you out of your comfort zone and to inspire  you to try something new. Think of them as ambitious pieces of homework that are actually fun to do. I'll make you log your progress in a document, which we then discuss via comments.

Are there any parts of the 4-week-course that are fixed?

The only fixed parts are the (in-depth) introductory Q&A before the course starts and a section in the final session where you (hopefully) put me on the spot with your questions. And for the time in between, I'm pretty sure that I will not run out of questions for you.

Is there a set number of Skype sessions?

There is going to be four extensive Skype sessions - and on “your day”, you’re free to Skype with me as often as you like to discuss stuff, for example different iterations of what you’re working on etc. In between the Skypes, I’ll be available to you practically 24/7 via text chat.

Is there a time limit for every session?

No. Every conversation will have a slightly different arc, but I’m a very thorough person and won't let you go until I see substantial progress every week. I never clock my commitments, neither as an artist nor as a mentor - my priority is to get you results that solve your problems.

What if I am not in town or at my PC for four weeks in a row?

No problem - let’s adjust the schedule then. Content-wise, this program should ideally be completed within 4 weeks, and on a recurring, fixed day of the week, as this ensures the best balance between focus, motivation & results - but we’ll definitely find a solution that works for you.   

Is this really personal, 1-1 mentoring?

Yes, it is. “Content modules” might sound very systematic, but this program isn’t some ingenious method that allows me to juggle dozens of clients in parallel. The opposite is true: I accept only a small number of participants each month & all content will be tailored to each project.

This is a 4-week course - why are we not on Skype every day?

To my experience, these weekly intervals simply work best. You will need time "off mic" to allow for making actual progress, work on music and / or to develop ideas that are actually new. But of course I will be reachable for you and open to your input every day. 

Well, this all sounds great - when can I start?

The sooner you give me your schedule, the sooner will I be able to give you a slot. Some months are, like, "Let's start on Monday!" Also, the summer months tend to be a little slower, so summer could be a great time to start a course.

I will start my course in 2 months - can you send me all the interviews all at one in advance?

This course adapts entirely to your progress in various, yet-to-be-determined ways. In other words: I don't have any pre-scripted interviews to draw from. Instead, every online course is unique and paced differently for every client.

Hey, I’m trying to get my act together for YEARS...and this course is just 4 weeks long?

First of all, this course is pretty good at shaking things up. Plus, don’t underestimate the reach and impact of a qualified outside perspective with an agenda completely different from your own.

I live in Berlin - can I still do a course online?

Absolutely. And since you are in town, weekly meetings here in my seminar room in Berlin could also be an option...that's entirely up to you.

That all sounds pretty good. Can we do a trial Skype?

Absolutely. Right now, I am running these free, 1-1 lockdown sessions over Skype = perfect opportunity to see what this is all about. You can even book your own appointment on my Facebook

What makes Markus Popp a suitable coach?

These omnipresent "how to do X"-music tutorials only result in every musician working with the same "success formula". Ultimately, though, it's about building a proposition that's specific, unique & substantially different. And I think I know a thing or two about doing things differently.

So am I mainly going to learn about glitch and experimental electronic music?

You might know me through my 1990s glitch albums. However, my discography in fact features a wide variety of wildly different musical styles. Plus, through my decades-long teaching experience, I am familiar with the concerns and challenges of musicians from almost every field.

Do you also offer a German version of this online course?

Ja, klar - ich mache diesen 4-wöchigen Online-Kurs natürlich auch sehr gerne auf Deutsch.

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