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Are you stuck with your creative process, public image or live set? Does your career trajectory rely more on guesswork, old habits & wishful thinking than on bold, new ideas? Do your creative strategies merely pass your own, personal reality check instead of standing the test of real-world critical discourse?

Leave your comfort zone & challenge your musical worldview with intense, interview-based, next-gen coaching & courses focused on you, your strengths, your goals and your creative mission - run by someone who knows a thing or two about doing things differently.

​Award-winning electronic music innovator Markus Popp has designed multiple coaching initiatives, ranging from 3-day sessions for small groups to individual, 4-week courses and long-term mentoring in his Berlin studio or over Skype / Google Hangouts.

Markus Popp has recently made the bold move from acclaimed recording artist, producer and remixer to coach, idea person, project closer and motivator. What started three years ago with consulting a few music-making friends in Berlin on their pretty much non-existent media strategies has meanwhile grown into an impressive teaching CV featuring dozens of in-depth courses, seminars and collaborations for a multitude of musical content creators from all over the world.

Popp's teaching initiatives scale from 1-1 personal mentoring to group seminars (IRL or over Skype) and are indeed true, open-ended deep dives that can take all sorts of forms: from reality check to free-form prototyping, from soul searching to a total makeover.

Ultimately, these involved collaborations do leave no stone unturned in order to analyze, optimize and challenge an artist’s creative core, workflow, content strategy or public image.

This new venture wants add a fresh flavor to today’s coaching models in a world full of surefire success formulas and convenient “how to”-tutorials - never shy to ask the tough questions or to put the “work” back into “workshop”. All designed and charismatically presented by someone who knows a thing or two about doing things differently.

Also, here is a recent interview with the WIRE magazine detailing Markus’ coaching initiative.

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