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I take this seriously. This is my new mission and I go all in. With every session, course or long-term mentoring, you are buying full access to my vast experience of a storied global career of 25+ years at the bleeding edge of electronic music. You are getting full access to my entire toolbox, skill set, technical and musical expertise as well as my best ideas - turning even an entry-level course into a deep dive.


My foundation for any kind of interaction is thoroughly prepared, customized content, fully personalized to your particular situation or project at hand. For example, my custom, in-depth interviews will record your particular situation in detail: your struggles, hopes, dreams, missed opportunities, blind spots etc. - all in order to optimize, challenge and reinvent your approach, workflow, messaging, public image or entire musical proposition.


My sole priority is to initiate substantial, qualitative, lasting change - not only for your particular musical venture, but for your entire musical approach, identity and career outlook. In fact, I take personal pride in making that change actually happen for you - during our particular project at hand and for years down the line.



I treat every course or mentoring program as a symmetrical collaboration. Just one example: I will be answering all your interview questions in parallel = you will not only always get a 2nd opinion on your answers, but a complete, alternative scenario, idea or prototype which you might be able to base your NEXT project on. The same goes for a musical collabo...I am always on the same page with you, actively working by your side.


I am not phoning it in: Each mentoring  session can easily last several hours - everything happens interactively, as engaging dialogue. This is not a YouTube - let’s put back the “work” into “workshop”! Plus, I won’t let you go before I see substantial progress on all fronts and we can consider your most pressing issues solved.



My recommendations are based on a long and storied career at the forefront of all sorts of musical content creation Almost always, I had to find my own, unique path through largely uncharted territory. By doing so, I have overcome just about any version of artistic and personal struggle, block, doubt and delusion imaginable, which now directly informs my mentoring. This will quite literally save you years of time that you can spend creating beautiful, compelling music.

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