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MP official portrait B

Markus Popp aka Oval continues to be one of the most prolific, influential creative forces in contemporary electronic music. The distinctive, organic appeal of Popp’s visionary glitch-centric tracks and remixes are widely considered watershed moments for the entire genre: ​Timeless, haunting classics​, earning Oval critical acclaim as well as several media & art awards. No one out there plays the computer quite like him.

"With an undeniable instinct for the pleasantly irritating, the drastic and the dreamy, Oval continues to inspire and provoke to this day".

Popp did music for film, installation art, dance pieces and interactive media​, designed his own ​music software​  (Ovalprocess, an interactive sound installation platform, that won the ​ Prix Ars Electronica​), contributed a secret bonus stage to Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s visionary video games “Rez” and ​”Rez Infinite (VR)” and did original soundtrack work for fashion brands, contemporary dance pieces, art-house movies and TV commercials (​Armani, Comme Des Garcons, Issey Miyake, Prada, SONY, SEGA, Braun, Harmony Korine, Amberley Productions, Masako Tanaka ​etc). 

Popp has also written the Libretto for Jan St. Werner’s (Mouse On Mars) opera „Miscontinuum” and has shared his creative vision in dozens of ​lectures, workshops and presentations​ all over the globe, with topics ranging from digital audio workflow and new kinds of audio narratives to vintage perfumes.

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