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Hey, I'm back. I spent all summer on my new setup.

(My desk is littered with HARDWARE now, so...yeah).

Using my NAVO tracks (see clip) as a starting point.

From here on out, things will get radically different.

I've never been so stoked to work on new music.

New radio piece "NAVO" for German NPR! Arresting performances by best-in-class voice actors Vlatka Alec and Marc Hosemann. Supervision by Frank Halbig at SWR and Marcus Gammel at DLF Kultur. Visual teaser by Sveta Rybkina. Thank you guys, so grateful for this opportunity! This is only in German for now, but I put about 1h of new Oval music in there, so why not check it out.

Still going strong: my free 1-1 lockdown consultations over Skype - almost 40 interviews in less than a month! Grateful for all these inspiring artists from all over the world sharing their content, projects, plans, questions etc. Help me grow this initiative and spread the word. Anyone can just book their own appointment on my Facebook!

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