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The Oval Expo events started as a series of casual “open house”-ish afternoons in Berlin, hosting a wide variety of creatives from pretty much all over the world to talk shop and exchange stories and ideas about personal triumphs, strategic challenges and artistic insecurities. 

In short: to discuss just about anything it takes to play the creative game and to put yourself out there in times like these. Plus tea & chocolate catering and perfume. And such an Expo could absolutely happen in your city - get in touch for details. 


Yep, fragrances just happen to be Markus’s personal passion project, and they have been for decades. Dramatically accelerated and super-charged by the boom of online fragrance communities - big data + the massive sharing of resources, reviews and opinions - Markus has now amassed a sizeable, eclectic collection of bottles, samples and decants he’s always extremely impatient to put in front of his visitors.

Each perfume section of a typical Expo discusses a certain assortment of scents, carefully selected after a certain historical, atmospheric or stylistic topic - concept fragrances, old-school powerhouses, critic’s darlings, olfactory outsider art, true masterpieces, overlooked masterpieces, faux period pieces, glorious failures, singular efforts, postmodern minimalism, hidden gems, drugstore gems, iconic compositions, timeless classics, exquisite oriental attars, victorian barbershop get the idea. 

Granted, Markus might also be working on an album right now that will bring together music & perfume in an enticing way. Besides, a preview of this project recently was turned into a 1-hour radio feature for German national public radio (script, original score, narration by MP) on the fascinating liaison between music and perfume.

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