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OVAL - SE (Official Music Video)
Written, directed and edited by Vlatka ALEC
MUSIC: Oval - "SE", from the album "POPP" (UOVOOO)
Published by Budde Music/Random Noize Musick
Shot in Berlin, 2017 (C) Copyright Control
MEI - FELES (Official Music Video)
Directed by Caroline Masson and Nicolas Boissier
Script: Caroline Masson
Editing / Postproduction: Caroline Masson, Nicolas Boissier
Set Design: Caroline Masson, Sidi N’Aïm, Nicolas Boissier, Thomas Loyer, James
Lights: Sidi N’Aïm
The Lover: Joachim Son Forget The Cat: Pouic Pouique
Filmed in Dijon/France, 2015.
Official music video for “Feles” from the album “Partura”.
Licensed on YouTube: [Merlin] Morr Music (on behalf of Uovooo)
Release: May 20, 2016 on UOVOOOO
MEI - THE CRADLE OF THE CRADLE (Official Music Video)
Music video director: Nicolas Boissier
Licensed on YouTube: [Merlin] Morr Music (on behalf of Uovooo)
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