Exotica-infused glitch chansons with that certain je ne sais quoi

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“I treat music like a real being. I raise it like a little animal by my side, making sure that I leave its primary and wild aspects intact. I love the extremes. I love the unknown. I am not afraid of life. When I make love, I see landscapes”. MEI
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Mei (the Japanese feminine name, pronounced “May”) is the artistic alter ego of Dijon-based newcomer producer, singer, dancer and choreographer Caroline Masson. She does all the songwriting/editing “on an ordinary laptop”, but her results are far from ordinary.

Years in the making, Partura is an debut album of immense scope: Yearning, melancholic, post-clubbing space ballads (NELUMBO), flirty, fragmented, avant-pop (FELES) and somber, haunting “Exotica”-infused melodies, ripped from old movie soundtracks over glitchy beats (WHY DO WE DO). Also, neo-baroque instrumentals (CELLULA), sounds of nature / wildlife and pastel-colored, faux industrial (HIGH) - there is a lot going on this record. 

Mei’s vocals range from to futuristic android lullabies (THE CRADLE OF THE CRADLE) to intimate, strangely solemn cyberpunk-chansons (THE THREE ENDS). And there are even some sprinkles of hedonistic, angular, synthetic 1980s pop in there (INSECTS). She quotes Gustav Mahler, Kate Bush, Machine Drum, Les “King of Exotica” Baxter and Flying Lotus as influences.
Photos: Latifa Messaoudi